You really just deleted my post Scopely

Who did it hurt? Even you guys should’ve seen the humor in that post. Smfh

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Seriously, tell me what I did wrong.

what did it say

It seems the newest meme thread was also deleted… '. (
Edit: at least be best ones were deleted

Wow, a commercial got flagged 10+ times by the “community,” I wonder if all of them work for Scopely. Seriously, tell me how it was offensive or abuse.

No normal member would flag that.


What was this post about?

There are only two of us on here – from the beginning.

What was it called?


I said that Scopely bought a new plane and here’s the proof, than posted this video @kalishane. I thought you could see the humor in it.

Lol! I do!

Lemme see if I can find it!

So, I can’t find it even when I search for it.

Not entirely sure what happened here…


I was wondering how that could be offensive lol. Didn’t make sense seeing it taken down like that. I know you’re pretty good about jokes.

It was weird, the first post got taken down with no flags or anything reported, just outright gone. I tried posting the video in this thread and that video immediately got flagged by 10+ people.

Yea, honestly something seems off.

I know we went over our allowed storage last month. That’s why I think it might have to do with that.


Never fear, I know most competent member of scopely that can find us whole thread, if he can’t do it, no one can.

@discobot find missing thread rapido

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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It says that??

Let me check again…

Maybe it was flagged because it stated something that wasn’t true?

Feel free to post it again! I can’t undo it :frowning:

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Tell me that everyone at headquarters didn’t laugh their asses off at the where in the world is kalishane and the scopely founder/CTO memes in the deleted meme thread…


Posts can be flagged because things were said that aren’t true? Alberts Letter to Our Players should have a dozen flags at least.


I mean, I died. lol


Thanks, I’ll post it back up. I thought anyone at Scopely would crack up at it lol.

When y’all were using this for turtle rock, you never had this issue?

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