You’re almost there, but nope!

You know you only need a few more cards and you think the scopely gods have smiled upon you and then you realize… share away.

My latest one happened today. I knew I needed roughly 2k cards to get s class Noor. I did the 2.99 chance for up to 2,200 cards. Got it, but then realized I’m still 104 cards short. Wah wah. My two 6* noors are both a couple levels from 90. Didn’t see any point rushing it if she’s not around anytime soon…wonder when she’ll be back


bt why does it say NOOA cards in the second picture

Why does her picture look like Andrea


I thought it was daiyu at first

She looks nothing like Andea

You sure?image

Andrea is blonde, and not a nurse.

Just the overall face looks like Andrea not including the hair and stuff.

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Oh I see what you mean now

Evil Minds would say it’s a lazy Reskin, but not Scopely. The New Trainers showed us in particular how much Scopely cares for Character Design.

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