You need to increase 15k rubber tires or battery within 10 days


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First of all, I don’t agree with all the whiteknighting here on the forums. People that say it’s so easy for an f2p are crazy.

However, I really want that Bruce. So I did buy keys and some battery packs with coins I had saved with playerlevelups/leagues/adds. No “real money” spended… But I never spend coins on pulls. The odds are just too low. It’s better to save some coins for when there’s an event that really matters.


took their labor

agree with what they say is always good

Weren’t those battery packs like 0.5% chance to get actual batteries?

nope, I did “buy” all 20 first packs for 150 coins. They had 100 energy guaranteed, a key guaranteed and a small chance to get another 600 energy. Bought 20 crates and one got the +600.

Yesterday I did buy again 10 crates for 100 coins each. Again it had 100 batteries guaranteed and a 20% chance to get an additional 1000 batteries. I had 1x the 1000 additional batteries (that’s even bad luck, as I only had the bonus energy at a 10% rate)

And I don’t agree with the whiteknighting. It’s not easy at all. But it is doable if you realize it’s better to save coins then to just throw them away on pulls which will give you nothing.


And now there’s again a energy pack for 100 coins: 100 batteries guaranteed and 15% chance to get another 1000. I hate the rng too, but I strongly advise everyone to NOT pull from the wheels but save up coins for when there’s an event that really is worth it. As You can see on the screenshot below I still have some spare coins just in case. Save them for when it matters!

Edit 2:

I bought the keys because I had a very hard time beating the last stage on Rage. So I calculated (I know a lot of people hate it here) and realized that if I would buy extra keys I could do both roadmaps (except the last stage of Rage) and it would even give me slightly more tires then just doing the rage on:

combo:1194 (easy + hard minus act 3)


I made a mistake playing hahaha for the first time, but when I play with the fraction supporter, it’s easy to go through

Smart. Should have done the same but every time I see a toon like Alice or Dale I wind up using them all. Would have made total sense to snatch up those 20 crates on day 1.

Not so humble brag incoming…I did single pull Erika and yellow Rosita. I also did a 10 pull and got Louis with league coins. So sometimes that 1% chance does pay out.

They only call it a fraction on VK…it’s called FACTION.
Were you using special VK supporter when you made it thru so easy??

Sensible suggestion if you can get the keys. Interesting you can best stage 2 but not 3? Personally I’m not having an issue with either, but I would expect a team strong enough to beat stage 2 would similar take on stage 3

Trait advantage was what I was lacking, as I don’t have a green or red decap. My stun weapons I have for green didn’t proc at all…
Using 2x tyreese on act 2 is a lot more comfterable then going in with heavy blue hitters when you see the traits of the enemies on act 3.

However, since I have a bit more batteries then I can use with this strategy i tried act 3 again today. And I did beat it with Mira lead, 700 attack Jesus, double attack Dwight, eric, tyreese and another tyreese :smiley:


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