You must be a sandwich short of a picnic

So like, am I expected to pay to play this Road map or is there likely to be more sandwiches available at some point that I don’t have to buy?

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Gonna need that cash money to get through this one.

And with the convoluted system with 593 different items you have no idea how much it will actually cost.


You did make me laugh asking if a roadmap was pay to play.

Yes. Get your wallet out. Or watch a lot of ads to use coin offers.

This is why I after the first natural NRG roadmap I didn’t bother playing! The math doesn’t add up. The scum suckers could’ve at the very least given us enough to finish.

But not $¢∅₱€£¥, yeah they really are listening :rofl::rofl:

If you find butter let us know

I had a quick look, you need 40 + 80 + 120 x 3 sandwiches. The silly thing is, you get one blanket for finishing a roadmap, which you need to open up another roadmap… But the final roadmap needs 3 blankets to open, but you’ll only have 1.

You need picnic baskets to open the first 3. But they haven’t been available for a while I don’t think. The lack of care about that in the forums is very telling I think lmao

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