You may now stop begging for de gleeeeeeeeeen


In stash format
Get yo medals redy bois :slight_smile:


No medals required - you can pull the 6* version from the stash!


That is fn awesome at long last!!!


Is he worth asceding? The toons I currently run with are 6* carl, zeke, shiva, with 5* michonne shield and revive Herschel.

I also have 6* Wyatt to mess with but he’s not as useful as my main team. I get about 80% defenses


I know but most well alredy have him as a 5* maxed and yes I know you can pull as a straight 6* which is why I’m not creating a don’t spend on dis stash becausea gaureenteed 6* is always gonna be worth it


Drop hershal and put him in :+1:


Hes a command commands are ways worth it


Awesome. Spend $100 to get him.


cant blame scopely for figuring out a way to monetize him.

offer in a stash as fully ascended.

so if you have him, ascend him at your material costs

don’t have him…just BUY him outright. ascended.

I cant blame them for this, its a way to make money on OG chars. especially from new players.

The new trend may be to just outright sell the old ones in stashes.


Lol “can’t blame scopely” - who is holding on medals, gear, 5* fodder? Not me def.


Lol I forgot he was in the depot. You’re right.


should be more og ascendables already so we can start seeing their 5 star versions as tourney prizes… tokens belong in milestones and for lower free ranks.


I am .

I saved enough for 3 full ascensions. I held onto some medals/tokens/bene just in case something great came along.

I dont have all of the aiden/Lilith/ulyses etc…but have a few of each


You didn’t understand me, I meant who is holding on prizes with such content, I have too cause I’m not ascending but “ascending elements” are not following “meta”.




So now we will see more of the cookie cutter Carl teams now with command Glenn…

Happy but not really… You will see

Carl, 3 Shivas for those lucky bishes who have more than one (f u, I’m jealous) … And Glenn

And I’m sure you can figure out the obvious others…


And ascendence


This will continue to occur until and unless we get a large amount of OG ascendables in a short period of time. Ascendance created an immediate bottleneck, and a slow trickle of new non-premium 6* won’t do much to fix it.


Yup, unfortunately :pensive::cry:


What that guy said.He’s a Command toon.