You killing me scopely

Uploading: Screenshot_2019-10-25-10-36-12.png… Scopley can we get some refills I have less than 3 world energy come on!!!

Save up 195 gold and you can get 2 refills or up to 11 which is a discount of 5 gold on 2 cans


Just think 50 times of that and you can pull a 4*

Yes atleast you are guaranteed a 5* ascendable and two 6* after finishing it

Wut. 7char

Killing me Scopely with this song~


I’ve actually been lucky taking that offer! 1st time I got 8+8 cans, 2nd time I got 5+5 and the 3rd time I got 2+8… Been using my league coins for that, did at least 200 pulls on the Michonne wheel and got here from the museum collection. The wheel gave me nothing but garbage. So I guess I was too lucky on that offer to have a tiny bit of luck left for all other aspects of the game… :expressionless:

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Finally can got all the kites

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