"You haven't participated yet!"

Is your milestone display saying "You haven’t participated yet! " while also showing the milestones you have claimed from participating?

Oh Scopely lol. In game support as usual has no clue. They gave me boiler plate suggestion of

It probably is inconsequential but look at their track record.


Lol. Always blaming our connection xd.

As far as I’m concerned this CRW has been nothing but bugs. Network Error message, game loading constantly after a battle, game crashes etc



Increase the bugs, decrease the fun, yay

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And now the automated boiler plate reply

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Same, all my faction mates have it too

This is why none of us want to contact support like you suggest @kalishane. They are useless, and thats being nice about it

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On the upside the message changes when you top 100k

But in my second region it still says haven’t participated.

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I’ve had this for months now. 3 updates in a row and each one is worse than the one before it… Fix the game already…