You have ruined war

15 regions and only 167 factions warring and most have less than 10 wars.


Yep. I went from getting 100k+ Each war to hitting 10k and call it a weekend.

  1. The current meta is BS. I lose or timeout half the time. Most of the battles I win are during the last minute countdown.

  2. I loved hitting 100k for the gps and canteen combo. Now it’s just a canteen, every time. But because of #1, can’t hit 100k anymore anyways.

  3. Due to lack of ascendables, event toons, login toons and crappy token wheel toons, I don’t even have a need for gps or canteens. Got a dozen of each just sitting in my inventory. And if I ever go through the ones I have which is unlikely, I’m also sitting on almost 300k league tokens.

  4. The war wheel is a joke. I’d love Bruce Allen Cooper but the others in there are either useless or I already have them. Looks like we’ll have 3 more wars this wheel, likely 2 more attempts to get Bruce.

War is the main event in this game and Scopely doesn’t realize their decisions regarding other aspects of the game negatively impacts this major feature.


Get rid of 16v16 and improve F2P toolkit and all of above🤗


Seems Scopley has pretty much ruined not just the warring aspect of the game… But honestly the entire game.


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