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Noticed after ascending rick he is missing his left arm but before when he was a 5 star he was missing his right arm. So I guess the ascension process caused him to regrow his right arm and lose his left. Smh come on scopely attention to detail goes a long way. Attention to detail on little things like this will go a long way to improving overall performance of the team and attention to detail on larger issues.


Thanks. Couldn’t resist making a topic when I saw it.

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Thats what happens when your interns use the mirror function in windows paint.



In issue #28, Rick is captured by The Governor, much like he is with Negan in this episode. The villain wants to show Rick just how serious their situation is, so he decides to saw his hand off with a knife.

Since this incident, Rick has had to learn to shoot with his left hand, and it gave him a slight handicap for a bit. He eventually learned how to cope with the loss, and even had a metal hand fashioned for him by Earl, Hilltop’s blacksmith.

Well, to be fair this happens all the time in raids. A char will be holding a gun in their left hand when they are facing right, but the gun will be in the right hand when facing left.

This is just the same thing since in your pics they are facing different directions.


Come on now , this is why they hired these extra designers, to push out these quality 6*s

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Yea a faction mate pointed that out to me as well. I still find the missing arm changing sides funny though.

its funny really. the only toons who are accurately displayed are chopy chop Ty and Mich. And now barker’s 6*.

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This always Happens with Characters Missing Body Parts. Keyword: Kenny

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Thanks for the history lesson.

i googled it. i don’t own that issue.