You guys should make 5* or even 6* of the scopley crew :)


@kalishaneI I know you love this idea lol


Some of the original characters (and some walkers) already are based on some team members. :wink: I think mostly 1* and 2* but there might be a few others.


Please tell me John is not only a real person, but he also makes that face all the time…


The running joke in our region. Tell me it is one of the team!

Edit that’s the level that just finished.

Edit2 @DeadpoolDragneel


@TheWalkerDude probably is that zombie on his profile picture lol


I won’t say it’s not…


Can Shane’s be wearing similar kinda outfit to 5* mirabelle?


I can neither confirm nor deny this… okay yes it’s me. I’ve been killed millions of times over the past 2+ years. It takes its toll. :slight_smile:


I can confirm both.


So I was right when I put that John as leader lol


That’s cool!


The first and only toon based on Scopley should be a toon that looks like a money sign, and have their ar be named Scam to Survival, and leader skill be: All teammates get 75% buff to all stats.