You guys keep laughing at your costumers, insane

Enough said, have fun with your lawsuit Scopely


Lol, there must be a word on russian for this

There’s one:


Most people who play this are either trying to relive how fun it was 2 years ago, or just addicted.

If you make it thru the first week after uninstalling, you’ll never look back.


I strongly disagree. The game should make a true progression from two years ago. The sad reality is, it has gone in the opposite direction. I would argue that two years ago, they did more for the base of players, free and spenders, where recently it is 99% about the spenders and 1% about the rest of the player. Give the opportunity as a Michelle like character does not wash away the multitude of decisions before it


2 years ago faction raid prizes were 4* toons… if you play this game for long you should know that fac raid rewards have always been like this.

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Then we should be getting 5* ascendables? whats your fking point


Lol 4* were already irrelevant at that time… pieces of SClass are relevant.

don’t set expectations on faction lvl up / raid… their prizes never been good in 4y except once or twice when scopley swapped prizes with solo by mistake

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Mine thread is better…


I thought there was a choice box for wayland, jessie, harlan or ryker?


They don’t care about the average player you are correct don’t lose your account I got an email saying because I haven’t recently spent they won’t help me

That was either an error or a troll with the leaks on VK. Probably an error on Scopely’s part.

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I remember that lmao :slight_smile:

You have an email from scopes specifically stating that because you haven’t spent money on their app lately that they won’t help recover your account?

Alright, who’s gonna sign the petition to save this game (or our wallets)? I don’t have it yet tho.

which is a shame as that would of promoted a good raid tounament

Which lawsuit? The non-existant one or is there a lawsuit for giving 150 cones?