You Got (Un)Lucky


So what were changes made in patch 8.0 exactly? I still have not got that mission to pop for 5 days and counting…


I believe there was going to be a post about what was actually done. I can’t say whatever change occurred is noticeable in my own personal experience.


My concern is they will make everyone wait longer for it. With 6* we need those missions.


5 days…pfft…I would jump for joy if I could get one every 5 days or so. I am luck to get it once a month, and it kills me to hear my faction mates brag about how they have gotten it 3-4 times this level up tournament alone…


Yeah, i have not noticed any changes to YGL since the update.


I wish they would make this a mission that would refresh at a regular interval (like every 24 hours) for everyone. Save all of us some angst.


Or do the smart thing, list every unlocked mission in Scav Camp and just show countdown timers. Save everyone some bullahit headaches on RNG SMs


I believe Nothing was done. It was prolly on the agenda for next patch and there was a miscommunication


update aint pushed yet… still on beta


I had 2 60k but no 100k, I can’t say the rate has changed but normally by now I have seen at least a timer for it after cycling everything off for the whole event. This may be one of those not so normal times and maybe it’s coincidental that quite a few others are experiencing the same issue. /shrug


Can u tell us what has changed in terms of YGL on Beta regions?


seems to be the same i started one just then and coined it dint pop back up in que list i still have gold jobs on beta.

(edit it poped up afar aborting 10 jobs.)

not showing on my main afar using it two times.


Just bumpin.