You got lucky scavenger mission

I can’t get the you got lucky scavenger mission to pop up, I’ve also had other faction members complain of it not coming on their list of missions to do last level up also.


Have they done the first 8-10. Gold xp missions , they changed it recently

The missions is called silence is golden it’s level 10 of the gold xp missions

I don’t have a mission called the silence is golden either. And what did they change? We have to complete all gold missions before the 100k XP mission pops up?

The first 10

Here’s a list

in: Walking Dead:Road to Survival Wikia
Scavenger Camp

Scavenger Camp Overview
Q & A
Dog Tags
Gold Missions
Gold missions always offer Character XP rewards, these level the Characters that have been selected for the mission.

In order to unlock a new Gold mission you must first complete the existing one.
The order of Gold missions:

1 Gone Girl Grade C 10 seconds Unlock missions lv 1
2 Expired Unlock missions lv 2, need camp lv 2
3 Firestarter Unlock missions lv 3, need camp lv 3
4 Taken Hostage Unlock missions lv 4, need camp lv 4
5 Trail of Tears Unlock missions lv 5, need camp lv 5
6 Deception Unlock missions lv 6, need camp lv 6
7 Women and Children Unlock missions lv 7, need camp lv 7
8 Night Raid Unlock missions lv 8, need camp lv 8
9 In The Black Unlock missions lv 9, need camp lv 9
10 Silence is Golden Unlock missions lv 10, need camp lv 10
11 Downtown Unlock missions lv 11, need camp lv 11
12 Enemy of my Enemy Unlock missions lv 12, need camp lv 12
13 The A Team Unlock missions lv 13, need camp lv 13
14 Iron Horse (Cheval de Fer) Unlock missions lv 14, need camp lv 14
15 Heavy Metal Unlock missions lv 15, need camp lv 15
16 Generator X S1 Unlock missions lv 16, need camp lv 16
17 Batten Down the Hatches Unlock missions lv 17, need camp lv 17
18 The Gate Keeper S1+ Unlock missions lv 18, need camp lv 18
19 The Dam S1++ Unlock missions lv 19, need camp lv 19
20 River of Dreams S1++ Unlock missions lv 20, need camp lv 20

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Keep aborting missions until it shows up eventually.


Won’t work if they haven’t met the potter requirements though

That’s what I usually do, it still isn’t popping up!

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Oohhh, yes, We’ve done those. I just ran the mission YGL mission yesterday, today it hasnt refreshed, even with going thru all the missions.

Just bad rng I’m afraid then , what I do is leave all missions open , do the ygl, Then start cancelling them , that works more than cancelling others as my ygl is cooking , but sometimes I have to coin prestige missions to abort them , even then, sometimes I get none , it’s dumb


Still a broken system… they “fixed” and are now ignoring the other problems with it. Players who completed all 20 are still at a huge disadvantage. Just let us reset the missions if we want to. It’s still very unfair. And I have two accounts, one with all 20 and one only at 10… it’s a huge difference.


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Alright, thank you guys! It does really suck when there’s a level up, hoping I can still reach all of those rewards. =)


Had it 1 time in the last 10 days and of course it wasn’t during a level up. Game wont even let me send out my useless 4 stars so I can ascend them. So tired of everything being rng based.

Please fix this. Remove the insane number of wood missions and 10-25 day cooldowns or just always keep YGL in the queue as we all want. Thank you.

This should have been fixed a long time ago, when it was a good news school the scopely people were around, but since people started complaining again which is completely justified because it’s still broken u don’t see nobody, it’s a disgrace.

I too was having a lacaj of XP missions.
I haven’t really told many but I have reset all my Camp back to just level 10 all four of them and now I have that mission all the time.
Granite you still may have to purchase it’s early release but it will pop up and show within an hour or so after completion.
I’ve been doing this now for a while and I haven’t had any problems getting a million Milestone points or more every time I’m at a million right now

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Stop canceling missions. Hurts your odds as they are recorded as your preferred missions. The missions you run get weighted for. Increased frequency and Im pretty sure canceling adds to this weighting. Let them run out of time naturally.

Will stretches of no xp scavenger occur, yes. But of there was no rng then lvl would be pay to win every event. At least it’s mildly limited.

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With scav camps I have nothing to lose I will reset mine to 10 to see
Only question would be do I lose the 2 hour prestige missions that give me farming tokens. Those and the 2-3 hour green missions that get me survivors are all I usually go through.

Edit don’t reset camps to 10 the dog tag cost is lowered substantially and there is no difference in the missions.

Couldn’t you just reset one camp?

It always gives missions by the highest camp.