You Got Lucky scavanger mission

Not sure if a bug per se. But the You Got Lucky scavanger mission has totally disappeared from my scav camps. Not I’m cools down just gone.

I have tried:

Completing all other available quests.
Starting then abandoning quests.
Resetting game.
Converting back to resource camp then back again

Any other ideas?

You have to do all of the gold scavenger missions. Then you should get it and the prestige missions back.

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Actually, not all but up to 10, which the last one is named “Silence is Golden”.

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Have you had it recently?

It’s been appearing pretty regular for me, 12hr cool downs after using, but it’s been gone for past 36 hrs… hope reappears before level up!

Thanks for the replies. Will try and get some more of the gold missions done. Although odd that it’s just suddenly dropped off.

@sws124 missed last 3 level up cause of it.


Scopely has sent a message about the change of YGL. You probably missed it. :wink:

And I highly recommend you to leave the gold missions untouched after “Silence is Golden”. It would lower the occurrence of YGL otherwise.


So just to be clear. Do silence is golden then no gold missions from then on. Yeah?

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Exactly. Don’t bother to finish any gold mission once you get your YGL back.

well played lol

This has put many at a disadvantage in tourneys…wtg scopes…weeks and weeks of gold missions to go! @kalishane please pass on.

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They sent a message out in game about 2 weeks ago. If you started it when the message was sent you should be done, or just about finished. Yeah, that solo level up after the change was a pain, but we’ve had enough time to do the 10 gold missions needed.

So your ignoring the advantage you have had since the prestige missions came out over those of us who have done the gold missions and progressed like we were supposed to? Right.

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I used to never have it.

then started seeing it every day a week ago, (after the change)

but the last 48 hours, no matter what I do…I cant get it to come back.

I did in the black, and it’s not going away it just comes back and I don’t even have a silence is golden option.

finally finished all those damn 10 gold missions and my YGL is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


I just finished silence is golden and it’s still not there

have you been aborting all the other missions?

I haven’t had a You Got lucky mission pop up in quite some time. I did all the gold missions, lvl 20 scav camp. Aborted others, nothing. Anyone have other ideas? Do I need to sacrifice a chicken?

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You did too much gold missions now.¯\(ツ)

Re-read this post? It tells you NOT to do the gold missions.