You got lucky scav mission


Hello everyone, I’d really like some help. I’ve been prestige 8 since more than a week. The ygl mission did not appear from the start. Then I thought maybe I should do a gold mission. After 2 of them finished, no prestige missions at all. Can someone tell me if it’s a bug or sth I do wrong?


Need to complete ‘silence is golden’ gold mission (level 10 scav camp) to unlock You Got Lucky.

You may not get it straight away anyway, I get YGL maybe once a week now.


Ohh I didn’t know that. I don’t know actually if I had done this mission or nor, but at least there is some logic now. I’ll continue with the gold ones then and hope for the best. Thanks a lot <3


there is no need to do any specific mission, I did like two missions before reach the lvl 8 of prestige and then I’ve been getting the YGL daily without any issue, I don’t do any other mission just YGL hahahaha


Damn man you got really depressed now xD. Can you please tell me which is the gold mission you can do now? In your camp?


No, that’s incorrect.

Not too long ago they changed the when prestige missions were unlocked. Before, you only had to reach P8, now you must have at least a level 10 scav camp, and done a specific hold mission.

It’s all here on the forums.


It’s noted in the in-game support too


Thanks for the help ppl <3


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