"You got lucky" not appearing on scavenger hunt?

Anyone else had “you got lucky” not come back for scavenger hunt? Mine finished around 9pm last night but I fell asleep so waited for new level up to start to claim. Did that, did about 3 more hunts but it still isn’t back on the list?


You must be new here. Complete all 20 gold missions and then get back to me on your YGL situation. :smirk:

Then watch as weeks go by without a single YGL in sight. ( Seriously don’t do any of the gold-colored missions past the 10th which is required to unlock ygl now.) This would have been so handy to know when I had started playing.


Must admit I only get about 3 a week of late. Had 2 last weekend , 1 Tuesday and none since.

That and the fact cans no longer appear in SD make me a conspiracy theeorist

I did the Gold mission which gives gold salvage tokens and it always shows up.

Like I said do all 20 and then get back to me on the frequency of your YGL or should I say lack thereof. I dare you.

@Ladygeek made a chart. She knows what’s up. I would post it here but the forums search is craptacular and since I am already boned I don’t have it saved. It would have been so much better if I had this information back at the start.

That’s not a gold mission, that’s a prestige mission. Completely different.

It usually takes me 2 or 3 days before YGL comes up again. If you usually get them after a day or so, consider yourself lucky.

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Try completing short missions and/ or aborting useless ones. It usually turns up eventually.

It seems to come up more often after completing/aborting a prestige mission. If it’s a low amount of coins, I’ll coin forward New Moon Fever or Won’t Back Down just to start/skip them to try to get YGL to pop up.

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A faction mate suggested keeping those on perma-lock and it does seem to help. I went from getting 0-1 YGL’s a week to about 2-3 a week now.

It’s still terrible and still very unfair that the game totally penalizes you for completing all 20 gold missions. So many stupid useless red ones fill up my queue now with the longest cooldown timers.

You should really talk to them about letting people choose to reset their gold mission progress. I would gladly redo the first 10 and then stop if allowed.

i do a ygl mission almost everyday but now i dont have any character to level up so is useless

Sorry for delay replying. Had to go to that awfull thing called work lol.

Not new really, unless level 108 is considered new?

Normally YGL won’t show up until I complete one other mission but it wasnt showing at all - not even a cool down period. Seems to be back now so will hopefully stay that way. Sorry yours hasn’t been working for so long - that’s awful :slightly_frowning_face:

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