You got lucky mission


Collected mission. 5 toons, all

level 1. No xp points


Clearly says your team has failed. Or am I not understanding your non point here…


Yes, but why? Xp mission shouldn’t fail lo


Well look who has returned! Crazy they gave you your keys back.


Did it say garanteed be for you started. I’m guessing it did not.


Don’t think they noticed yet. Reminds me to send Andrea a ‘I miss you’ card


No, but for ygl, it doesn’t always say guaranteed. Never had this happen before.


Same as any other mission. It provides you with a estimate of likelihood of success.

Now you know. Make sure it says garanteed.


This isn’t my first rodeo. Been using ygl since it came out. It isn’t always guaranteed but I have always gotten points


Urgh… It’s pretty hard to watch this, but go on. x)


Yes and if a player pulls a 6s from the only premier pull they ever did and would ever do it must mean the odds of pulling a 6s is 100%.

Rng and the fact you are even discussing this suggests this is your first rodeo.


Chatted with 2D in morgan last night and heard he just got his keys taken away.


Or it’s not his first rodeo but he’s usually hiding in the barrels


One could say you got lucky.


So this happens to everyone if it is not guaranteed? Guess I have been “lucky”?


Yes. If it doesnt say guaranteed then there is a chance for failure.

So yea you just been lucky.

Someone in my faction manages this alot. Sending out moderates/highs and getting a success.

Me im worried with my luck even when it says guaranteed ill fail so you bet your bottom dollar nothing goes out unless its guaranteed.


Your first mistake is to use your ygl and open it with toons all at t1. Most players like the instant boom to their scores but I wouldn’t recommend this unless it’s a last second open in order to jump high… it’s a lot more food and resources to level the later levels. You still need the same amount of xp to get to the next level. And yes, you can fail the mission. Seems like your team strength was not high enough.


I wanna cry! This has never happened didn’t even know it was possible. Someone hold me


T1 is the best time to put toons in ygl, it gives you the most levels


Most levels and most score in the short term, but long term he’s right