You got lucky issues

How do I consistently get the ygl mission up? I have never had an issue before but now all of a sudden my ygl mission goes away from like 2 days each completion. Why? What am I doing wrong?


Maybe you’ve been moved to a new bucket?

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There could be a lot of things going on, you need 3-4 Scavenger camps for a start, the YGL mission likes to hide behind red missions, just keep constantly clearing red and orange missions, and it should reappear.

Only two days? Count yourself fortunate. My YGL usually appears once every 7-10 days.


I usually get it 1-2 times per week.

If you’ve done all the gold prestige missions, the chance to get it are reduced considerably due to more (mostly useless) missions in the list. Unfortunately this can’t be reversed.

Maybe one day the missions will be updated to be more relevant for the current game and the chance to get YGL will be addressed so it’s fair for all and players are not penalised for progressing in the game.


Lol I’m f2p so I’ve always been in that bucket. I don’t have any money to spend :rofl::rofl:

My scav camp is level 12 and I get ygl every 2-3 days. I did 12 in a row and then it disappeared. All I did was one prestige mission and then it reappeared. Hope this helps.

I will try that and see but I’ve been completing every mission available and it hasn’t worked

Have you been doing the gold missions? Doing the gold missions makes YGL appear less

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I get it once or twice in a 2 week span

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