You Got Lucky issue?

I don’t know if I just haven’t been paying attention, but today I collected a YGL in which I only had one toon that wasn’t maxed out. In the past when this happened, the one toon would receive all 100k xp. Today, he only received 20k, and this happened to a faction mate of mine yesterday as well. Has anyone had this happen to them too, or has this been standard and I’ve just been so glossed over in playing this game that I haven’t noticed?

It’s been like that for as long as I remember.

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Hmmm, maybe me and my faction mates are completely screwed in the head lol. Definitely thought I remembered getting the full 100k on one toon. If we aren’t getting it we are getting screwed out of 80k. The missi9n says 100k xp gained, not that we have to spread it between 5 toons

Nah the 100 is split between the toons no matter if they can use them or not. I usually send three out, so they each getting 33k. Never managed to beat it with just two toons.

Ok guys, thanks for that info. Guess it’s time my faction starts laying off the crack lol

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