You got lucky is the greatest disadvantage

Probably you knew not to do all gold missions, though…

Nah, I did them all.

Lucky you then… as I wrote before

I’ve actually tracked my scavenges for a few weeks, using a similar strategy (about 200 scavenges, so not a lot, but also not nothing). When you have all other Prestige missions showing or going, any new prestige mission that gets added to the list has to be YGL, which made this an appealing strategy. Turns out though that his is compensated by more prestige missions showing up on the list if other ones are missing, so it ends up effectively the same (1/3 chance of getting a Prestige and it’s a guaranteed YGL is not that different from 2/3 chance of a Prestige mission with 50% YGL).

If there’s a benefit, it’s that if a mission with a long cooldown is kept uncollected, it can’t go into cooldown while being on the list, giving you a greater chance of getting missions with smaller cooldowns that you can abort quickly. I do think this will generally improve your results, but at the potential danger of prolonging a dry spell later. I don’t have all the long-running cooldown missions unlocked (and won’t do it even in the name of science), so someone else will have to compile the stats on that one.

The thing that makes a huge difference is micro-managing the timeouts and cooldowns. Every mission you collect/abort while YGL is missing is a new chance to get it back, so maximizing your open missions at that point can have huge payoffs. Not collecting completed missions when you have YGL already is a huge part of that (unless you can immediately replace the mission with another one that would expire before you collect the YGL)

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FYI this doesn’t work

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So why not let players who have completed all 20 missions upgrade their scav camps.
Since scopes has no idea how its coded.
Or hire someone from VK and pay them to do it.

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I do this, but it does mean that you will quite often have about a dozen missions in a long cooldown and no scavenger missions available to start-AND YGL still doesn’t show because it is locked by at least one of those cooldowns from cancelling the mission.

This works for me, although I have pretty regularly gone a week or longer without YGL showing up. It seems somewhat random, although once I start seeing titles of Tom Petty songs, I know that YGL is likely to appear after completing those.

With the lack of trainers available, YGL is the biggest advantage in upgrading toons. My son plays and within mins of him collecting YGL it appears in his cooldown list. He did stop doing gold missions at the correct point.

I’ve gone weeks at times w/o YGL and I’ve gone days with all missions in cooldown.

I currently have a prestige mission, square one, in cooldown for another 11 days. It seems that i see free falling & out in the cold more than any other prestige missions.

I’m going to start tracking them all and see if there is ANY pattern to the missions. I will try the method of leaving prestige missions w/long cooldowns unclaimed and see if it helps.

They should scrap the whole thing and start over because the vast majority of these missions aren’t even helpful to the newer players anymore.

Only pattern I’ve noticed is that I typically have to have finished/aborted missions with Tom Petty titles like “Free Falling”, :“The Waiting”, “Won’t Back Down” “Breakdown” and “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. Once I have completed or cleared these, “You Got Lucky” seems more likely to pop.


The only real snag is that there seems to be issues with each of those missions spawning.

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