You got lucky gone missing

I don’t know what you did, but my you got lucky has gone missing. I used to get ygl at least 4 to 5 times a week. Now it’s completely gone, haven’t seen it all week. Please fix whatever you did to make it disappear!!

What lvl armory you have?

Scav camps are at 20, that hasn’t been a problem. I used to get ygl 4 to 5 times a week, now nothing for over a weeek

I had the same thing happen, so I messaged support asking why it hasn’t been up. I went 3 level up events without it…

Support gave me some bi rundown of requirements even though I’d always had it and didn’t change what I was doing. Funny part is that after I messaged, I did/aborted a couple more missions and it suddenly was back.

As far as I understand it, there are three pools: gold, prestige and regular missions. Each gold mission adds new missions to the regular pool, and the tenth gold mission unlocks the prestige pool. There can be at most one gold mission in the pool.

All missions are either on the current list of missions, or not. If the gold mission pool is not empty, it will always take one slot on the list. Missions not currently on the list are still active in that their cooldown decreases as if they were on the list. Whenever a mission concludes, either through success, faliure or through cancelling, one of the missions from the pools that is currently not on the list is put on the list. There seems to e equal chances within the two pools, but between the two pools there is a difference: missions from the prestige pool are much more likely to be selected as the missions to be added to the list.

There is a randomness component in which mission is selected, so it is possible that any mission goes away for a while as RNG selects other missions. The devs have stated in the past that no one still working at the company understands the code for scavenger missions, so it is unlikely that any changes have been made recently (and I have not noticed anything).

These mechanics lead to some obvious strategies for maximizing the occurrence rate of particular prestige missions:

  • Keep both the regular and the prestige pool as small as possible
  • Keep the list of unselected prestige pool missions as small as possible (e.g. through delaying claiming them)
  • Get the mission in the pool as quickly as possible
  • Maximize the number of regular pool missions that you finish or cancel while the mission in question is in the pool, but not selected.

I start and abort every mission I don’t want to do. Free skip on 2 hours or less. Never really had this problem before. Not having it has hurt my standings in level up events.

You got lucky and bricks and mortar need to be updated badly. An upgrade to missions is sorely needed. Ygl doesn’t help much when working on late stages of 6*s and sclass.

Aborting missions is only the beginning of full scavenger camp strategy, and in some circumstances can actually hurt, depending on the order and which missions you skip, either immediately or a week or two later.

But as I said, dry spells are always going to happen to someone if it’s based on RNG.

The problem with scavenger is that they come in same order
So you have to do some scavs before another scav is possible doing.
So you get a 7 day scav and that one sit in the way on cool down then after so the shorter YGL dont appear before you “done” that one
Thats why it is bad to improve this camps.
Strange game that punish you for getting better

I usually get a couple per solo lvl up and very often coin the refresh (46 coins or so to get it to pop up can be made up with watching videos) but like clockwork, when faction level up starts the “You got lucky” completely disappears. No amount of starting and abandoning missions will make it pop up. Get stuck with 4 or 6 hours until next mission is even able to be started. Has been this way forever.

You cant abort the prestige scavenger missions, it just makes it worse. Start and abort all the missions EXCEPT ones marked prestige.

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Finish all 20 gold scav missions and then you will see it 24/7* :smirk:

  • Just kidding do all them and you will see it once a week if that. #thisgameis@ss
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It has been missing/bugged since the release. Scopely uses excuses after excuses, and it has been ignored even after countless feedbacks from the the players. They can pump out promos after promos, stop gates within minutes, etc but when it comes to customer care, they move backwards or are ignored.

Its amazing how people eat up excuses like not having enough space for more missions, not having space in museum, cant change this, cant change that, yada yada… meanwhile scopely has countless times shown us that they can change any part of the game when it benefits them…


And they take back anything achieved from a gate whenever they chose to

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I usually aborted missions I don’t want to especially those 5-7 day missions for ridiculous rewards. Lol.
The 60k and 100k xp scavenger missions are now back on its normal routine.

It is cause players here are gullible with goldfish memory

I found that if do all missions under 16hrs in duration I’m fine… I do YGL every 2 days to most whether used a maxed team or one for lvl up.

I don’t bother with any missions that take over 24hrs and 8f need start and abort to refresh other missions… seems to keep it available frequently

Same here. I get the very occasional Bricks and Mortar, but YGL is AWOL.

YGL is awol so we are sol and another Scopely snafu.

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Going on more than two weeks now of YGL vanishing. I haven’t done anything different compared to the past, and typically saw it pop up within a day or two of completion. I think that something is afoot.

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For me if I let ygl expire, it hides for weeks. Doesnt care about aborting or not, it just wont come up.

Otherwise I can do max 2 times, once normal popup and once by aborting n coining the reset. After that it goes to above loop.