You got lucky finally


What a surprise
YGL just popped up after the level up event has ended
Is a coincidence that it has happened now five times in a row
A few hours after level up has ended


Sorry to hear that :frowning:
Probably now best to just load one up right before this weekend’s faction level up tournament and start strong :slight_smile:


Had 2 YGL pop up during LU, so yes, it’s a coincidence. (Coincidence that the specific event happened 5 times to you so far, not coincidence that YGL doesn’t show up often.)


That’s why It called “YOU GOT LUCKY :roll_eyes:


I always save that and bricks and mortar for when level up comes. I find that the more scavenger missions I have available to abort, the greater chances I have of getting it again. Also, having scavenger camps at level 16 or lower seems to restrict the pool from which missions are drawn making YGL more common.


It happens to me also, it pops up when the event is over. Geez -_-


I haven’t seen mine in a week. It always disappears during tourneys. Suspect.


May be I am lucky, but it always comes during a LU tourney for me.

Last time when we didnt have a tournament, it went missing for a week and then I got i daily for about 5 days.