You got lucky and some other issues

First of all, the scavenger mission ‘you got lucky’.
The milestones are high and i need to reach them to upgrade my legendary toons, unfortunately im lucky if ‘YGL’ pops up once a week, i miss rewards because of this and this is not something new, this is happening for months and mentioned several times by other players. I missed a lot of milestones rewards because of this and it starts to frustrate me a lot because i can’t keep up with someone who has ‘YGL’ non stop.
Fix this so finally everyone get a fair chance again in level up tournaments again and all players have equal chances to reach the milestones.
@Kalishane, can u give a update regarding this issue?

War cans, i know someone confirmed that scopely didn’t changed anything considering drops but common, i’m not stupid, i notice a huge change before war was broken compared to after that.
As stupid as i was i bought a bag of 250 gold and only got one war refill, before war was broken i had at least 2 for that price, as a matter of fact i never bought any war refills before that because there wasn’t an issue about war cans drops.
Giving out less war cans and having stupid war refill offers is not something what the players asked for, i know there are not that many players who still pull for every toon anymore because 5stars are basically becoming useless and pretty sure scopely will feel that financially but common, players first or scopely’s money first?

And benedicts, we need benedicts, after ascension started u gave them out like it was nothing and suddenly nothing anymore. Please put them back in rewards or milestones, not level up milestones please because i can’t reach those high milestones as long ‘YGL’ isn’t fixed :wink: