You give us flags, now why not give us kites?

the flags are great for the people that have the toon, how about you now bring back the kites so that we can get the toons to make the flags worth while?


Now your just asking for too much…

Ok fine. For the low low price of $99.99 you can buy a single flag. Happy? :wink:


I should have checked the hitchhikers guide to galaxy first.

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:laughing: Always and I hope you get the flags…and free. :+1:


Wasting energy for Roxie still? Jeez

Eh, some people like to collect toons. I see nothing wrong with it.

Besides the energy is free and since it’s not can Sunday/Monday there is plenty of it to go around.

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Yes, Kites please.

Let’s give them a couple days
Surprised to see the flag maps
Maybe we’ll see the kites too

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No, they had to put up blue flags because they sold Roxie in that offer at random so some people got her. Axel wasn’t in there so I’d be very surprised to see red flags, and kites of either color.

Hoping for one more red kite though. But still need wayland from somewhere…

It’s day 2 of them being back
All Im saying is let’s give it a chance before we grab the pitchforks

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Please @WalkerTexasRanger, kite maps would be very warmly received! Gives people the chance to get some nice collectable toons without being too op.

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Fk kites! Gimme Jessie!

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Lol. Thank you for this but I still need kites (Red or Blue). Hope kite roadmaps will be on again. I just want to collect toons.

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