You ever wonder in the back your mind

Some days I truly do wonder,
How long will it be before we have to start paying to even login?
Everytime I turn around it appears as if something has been monetized or someone is complaining about the monetization of the game.
So will Scopely eventually move to login chargers?


One gold coin to log on lol.

I can see that coming. Or .01$ a day. Get 100 days for 0.99$.

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This “game” is just a test, thats all. A test how people act, how much they can be pushed, what sells and what doesnt, what things can be got away with, etc

TWD RTS is a study and we are the lab rats

I would prefer it if they did to be honest - it would give me the final excuse needed to just stop playing it.

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Good trailer narration, I’d watch that at the movies

We are all on a big movie screen with scientists studying our behaviors. None of this is real!! Its just a movie. Are we actually who we think we are?


The truman show :wink:

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Maybe they will charge to log out?

So you are stuckin the game paying.

It will be over in next 3-5 months.
There just dragging it out now so less are playing.

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