You could upgrade the warehouses


You could upgrade the warehouses, with new characters and so you would make the players go after better characters. It’s too monotonous.


What do u mean with warehouse? Supply depot? They have been updated quite recently so don’t expect to be again updated soon


The supply warehouse and the warehouse of the road, is the same way for more than a 6 months, at least. The one of the way then, neither is spoken. The people already bought everything they wanted and a little more.


They mean supply depot, language barrier


Now that that has been clarified, since I thought you were talking about the material storage lol, there is/was a leaked Survival Road character.

It doesn’t neccessarily mean an update is coming SOON but this was spotted a little over a week ago. The only characters who currently use that titles are purchasable SR characters. I was told that the orignal title was not Survival Road when it was first seen so take it with a grain of salt.


I do not speak or write in English, depending on google to do the translation and move from my language to yours, that is why sometimes what I want to say is different. But basically, I’m telling the warehouses to use the coin of supplies and coins that we made in the way.


I knew this character too, I liked it a lot, because it will help me on the way because I do not have a fast 5 star character that has critical to kill the zombies easier.


Supply depot is still old in all region’s i play in.Please refresh toons and introduce for instance ascendables or already ascended 6* in depot. For let’s say double price!