You could have told us ahead of time


There was an announcement about the dual event this weekend being faction on the calendar. If scopely decides to change one of the events to solo, please @kalishane can you let us know ahead of time. Im not even gonna claim my scavenger mission until the next faction level up tourney. Btw i know theres a disclaimer on the calendar stating that events might change but PLEASE LET THE GAMING COMMUNITY KNOW IF IT CHANGES.


I am typing this because of the 10 character limit but all I really wanna say is +1


I wish the GAME COMPANY who make this game would start providing reliable info to the players regarding events so we can plan accordingly.
We shouldn’t have to consult Russia to get reliable information!!


Is it a typo, those milestone rewards seem like they’re more suited for Faction and not Solo


The Milestones possibly. But the actual reward structure isn’t…


Seriously we were suited for faction events but got stuck with another solo level up. Then we have Milestones that reach 2 million and start at 150k. That is so unworth it in my honest annoyed opinion.


Can’t wait to not participate in this one. Tired of solo level ups and really burned by having the rug pulled out from a last minute change from fac to solo.