You can now unlink your Facebook



And what happened? Been seeing people loose their account


Do tell. Can it be moved to a new Facebook account?


Two weeks later…


Please let us know what happened next


Im not even gonna consider doing that. Scary stuff with those amazing developers they have running around.


I have a life and don’t scroll the forums as much as you probably do, thanks


interested in hearing more first hand accounts of people doing this and relinking


I did this. I had a problem with the last update (the one that put in leagues). So I wanted to make sure my account was properly linked, in case I needed to uninstall and resinstall the game. And the next thing I knew, my account was reverted to a shell account I had to set up 6 months ago when I moved from my Kindle to my Phone.

This was on a Friday, just as leagues were starting and just before the big All Out War started. I am the lead of our faction. I missed the entire weekend. No war, no league stuff. This was also the last weekend to gather 3 year anniversary stuff, so my payout on that took a hit.

I sent Scopely numerous emails and in game chat. At one point I got a response that someone else was taking care of it and they were canceling my ticket. Only no one was. End result, it took almost a week to get my account reinstated. And of course all that stuff I missed out on? Tough luck loyal player, but we hope you are happy with our service that took almost a week.

Admittedly, this is not typical in my experience, as they have been much faster, so something must have been up. Maybe higher volume due to the update or leagues.

Anyway, the Facebook thing did not work for me.


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