You can now buy Ascendable Carl and Mirabelle for cheap - NOT HAPPY


I’ve spent the last few months working on two Carls that I got through Free2Play, levelling them up, ascending and matching them with good mods. But now anyone can purchase them for a small amount of money… So now I’ve lost that advantage and my Carls are basically redundant because most people now have them. Its a great price for anyone without them, but completely fs me over.

Not happy! What do you guys think?


This game is all about adapting. It’ll be all good. Keep working on your Carl’s. They’re still relevant.


well now you can have a 3rd to level… you did notice they come with the same amount of coins you get for $5 so the toons are free…




yeah the price is great.


They were only available through tokens now u pay cash better than tyring to ascend one through 4*


Carls been redundant in og regions literally everyone in my region has him


New players can’t get him now


Carl, literally the most common defence lead in the game at this moment, gives you an advantage how?

What is screwing you over is not having access to a better defence team lead…


I say who cares it’s an amazing offer from the usual stingy AF Scopley. I snapped both of them up in my noob region as I didn’t have them.
2 toons and 660 coins for under £10. :sunglasses:


Yea I can’t say I’m upset, I’ve been chasing a Carl since before ascendance started!! even more so after his 6* was revealed and nothing… every 5* token opening was a disappointment… melee was always my preferred def and for ages I had to suck it up and run ranged without any decent leads… so yea, despite still being pissed off about the whole anniversary token offer bullshit, I did buy him (already ascended 5 x 4s and no luck either and they just use resources that could be used for 5s and level up points).

Couldn’t pass it up! Sorry but not sorry! :smiley:


or suply points for all those 4 stars u use that what i do since when do normal player get good stuff from ascending


I got siddiq and Connor from there


Pretty sure they’ll come up with some super hero toons for serious coin now that all have access to miraboobs and carlos:)


To be perfectly honest Carl leader skill is good but he sucks easy to kill now ar kills no1


I think only rostia has 40-40 out of melee once they make more with it he will be completely obsolete


Most people had them anyway… no biggie.


I paid the $5 didn’t have him. I’m going by what I seen facing him


Scopely totally got my money on this. Tried ascending and got no Carl, he’s been eluding me for ages, dont care if this bothers others. I spent 2+ years on a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and I broke. I fess up to it. But I couldn’t go any further in this game with him as a melee lead, at least for sr. I’ll go back to keeping my money in my wallet again, but scopely got my number on this.


Can’t clear SR? That was done on the regular long before 6*s came around. You’re not making any sense.