You can get 1 dollar for each player . Give us the offer

All gonna buy it. Its like farm money men.


I actually agree with this post.


I am very much in agreement

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And even multiple dollars from those in more than one region!

Scopely it would become richer if you give us this offer as they expect

Or a few whales do max pulls. They see more in that $$$$

I’d buy it.

As would I.

Everyone should buy it. $1 is basically nothing

Honestly if you play this game. You would be a fool not to buy it.

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Agreed. Buy buy buy

First time players WANT to buy something lol

LoL first year I didn’t spend shìt it was the last two is when the ball dropped :joy:

$ 1 dollar for 3 anniversary tokens, I would pay!

If they give us two it would be two dollars just saying scopely wink wink

let’s meet in the middle… $9.99 for 300 3yr tokens. I’d give you $10 for that… cmon Scopes…

But 90% others wouldnt… Well players that never spend at least 9.99 and 0.99 is a big difference and they owe us .99 cent offers

We have reached the bargaining stage. Already we are asking for less than the actual value we deserve. Why hasn’t Scopely replied? Because they are waiting it out until we give up because we are already asking for less value. Either they will swoop in with an offer when we are about to give up and we will think it’s great because we already compromised in our heads and sold ourselves short or they will just let the whole thing slowly disappear. Just like Michonnegate.

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