You are penalized for getting stronger

the bonus points in arena and onslaught that u get from attacking high grade teams needs to stop.

otherwise there is less incentive for people to try to improve and get stronger team grades.

let teams compete on even ground, let real roster strength plus play skill determine who wins events.


so you think when you get better you should meet people that are worse then you.
You think they like that?


I have to admit that it was quite satisfying beating you and fellow whale friends in Onslaught with my relatively low tier roster.

Furthermore, I would rather keep the extra points for hitting S13/S14 defences. Thanks.


get gud lol


You hit a stronger team, you get more points. Its linearly scaling, so if you don’t want it to happen, just put up a weaker team.

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Your better defense should hold up more since it’s a higher grade. If it’s beaten, it should reward more because it’s a higher grade…

This :point_down: It makes sense but it’s hard to understand when you’re crying. How is it “even ground” when you demand it be based on roster strength when you know you have a full S class roster unlike most players… lmfao smh…


Doesn’t work like that. Doesn’t matter if you put up a 2* def, it always counts your highest possible grade
Edit: sorry replied to wrong person. Was intended for the guy above

Actually I don’t think it even works like that. It counts your highest team grade that you created at some point. Even if you have an s10 or s11++ team but never put that team together on your team list, it doesn’t register.

you mean as they’ll reset it anyway at some point?

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Don’t care Onslaught is Poopie and will never return NEVER

It’s really good practice…Iv made a S8++ team that I was able to beat even S11…It was a decent bleed team that wasent even finished. Anyways…I think higher grades are gud

People are worried about onslaught scoring?? Just give me my cones and end this please. Btw, your Raulito/jiafeng/elana team should win without using rushes which I can’t do so that makes up for it.

I do agree that arenas is unfair, but don’t worry. They will sell the veteran rings soon for you guys.


The matches are facked !! And is it just us but we seem to be matching all top factions. Bloody stupid!

Just LOL!!


How the tables turn lol

You get high points for beating teams without using AR, in some factions they have decoyed and you can get a good amount of points…

Can’t believe i actually agree with @Numba1stunna for once. I dont care abt yarnslaught but with arenas if you chose not to participate you should not show up.or something to that caliber.

Also with onslaught scoring it makes no difference if they change it most people lose the first few times and go back in just to say they beat a tough team or out of pure persistence of being pissed off. Hell ive done it before.:joy:

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