You Are Failing To Listen To Us, Scopes


Yet another Promotinal Legend is on the way, one that should be meant to be given this Level Up or on the upcoming Survival Road Event.


For your information, Jessie on her Legendary form would only prove to be a bit useful with the right strategy, and even her Epic version sounds more interesting.

Not only have you failed to ascend her the right way (By either increacing her Bleeding Damage or give her Maim, instead, upgrading the Epic’s properties. You made a Damaging Jessie into a Medic Jessie.), you have also followed the contrary path you promised you would take, once saying that all Ascendables were to be avaiable to Free To Play players and would never be sold on Premier.

In short: You fail your loyal players once more, guys. I seriously hope I’m not rallying everyone against you all, but truth be told, you’re wrong if you think you’re doing what is right.

Open your eyes, Scopely. It’s not too late to repair the damage done to the awesome game that The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is.