You are a lug nut

Is this the log in event? Is this a spender event? Only good toon is marlon and rosie, other 2 is anna and jesus but anyone have any info on this?

LU event.

The history repeats itself.

Its the same level up rewards system as before. Just lug nuts now instead of the medals.
Looks like this will be the norm now. SMH
But Marlon is a great toon. Other two. Meh.


Ummm so no batterys or keys? Bye bye bruce and sandy lol @Kodak_black @Wanderer you 2 sure you wanna still claim bringing f2p a decap and disarm?

Lug nuts are placements like last LU event, batteries and keys are milestones…

Missed a roadmap today cause we had no key, this gonna be for fac events? We gonna miss a day of tires next weekend? Cause that is over a thousand tires missed

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Yea this seems to be the new level up reward structure :face_with_monocle: not gonna try for this one, while marlon and rosie is great, i just dont have the gear or toons anymore

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Probably not. War usually takes up the entire weekend with no other event, while they often run 2-3 events at the same time with faction LU, raid, and SR all being possibilities.

this sucks. Go back to the crates @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Crates are good if you never wanted to go for top 3 in past LUs format. This format is good if you actually do go for top 3.

At the very least let us use the same item between lvl up stretches, so everyone can build up and save for a much needed toon… no need to keep switching items, didnt need any yoon last stretch dont need any toon this stretch

Yeah going to be a boring Month :-1:
Will need to get those batteries though. Just see where i end up as I’ve never gotten Jesus before.


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No, keys and batteries are still in milestones.

Ugh. Level ups are the worst. It used to be fun before gear became locked behind a pay wall


I may get jesus as everyone needs a lil jesus in their life :pray: :latin_cross: :hugs:

Or allow medals/lug nuts to not expire and essentially be the currency of a constantly updating cheap version of the 6* wheel…


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