Yo lifesteal got nerfed. WHY

So lifesteal used to heal after a kill for 20% and made a pretty good combo with red jesus. Now lifesteal heals for 15% on a crit. Why was this necessary? It was fine the way it was. Now red jesus is useless. He after every kill with a rush sued to heal for 45% of hp now he sucks even more. Not even useful for fighting greens anymore


Because you have also life steal in mods. If you use it on a 5* character, it will give you about the same HP back.

The only color that can get a great amount of healing on this is Yellow Characters, because you can stack Lifesteal with a weapon that can get lifesteal plus the mods for that…

It shuld be
Regain 40% hp when killing an enemy and regain 15% hp when hit crittical.


it still was not overpowered. It is probably the most balanced skill. Also no one uses lifesteal 5*. I do not see a valid reason for this nerf.

It could be viewed as either a nerf or buff. (Similar to how Charlie’s weapon was when he was released.)

In raids, killing an enemy for 20% HP might be ineffective if you can land more than 1 crit before killing an enemy. However, ARs without multi hit or lack of crit builds put the new change at a disadvantage, but also takes out the need of actually landing a killing blow to heal back.

There’s pros and cons to it.

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