Yo. Is it better to pull for Shiva or Lydia?

I’m about to finish that 100k power offer on tapjoy.
Getting 7k coins, so I’m curious.

depends what you need. An attack toon or defensive toon, both are great for their role


Lydia is better.

Lydia by miles, i hope you get her ! I did 50 pulls and no luck:(


Lydia for sure

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I’m going to second the depends on what you need answer.

Without knowing your roster I’d lean towards Lydia. But both can be amazing in the correct team comp. I have Albino Shiva on my main attack team and all her bleed damage can do some serious damage. Replacing her with Lydia definitely would not improve my team.

Albino Shiva is good but we all know
Kitten shiva> all shiva’s


Yeap, I’m just patiently waiting for Scopely to finally create a Kitten Shiva.

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I’d pull for a kitten Shiva for sure

She’d give such adorable face maulings.

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Be prepared to wait for those coins to come through and for the promos to end. Took a week when I did it awhile ago.

I did over 88 pulls nothing for lydia just 3 ascendables arron hershal and Spencer so fk lydia

LYDIA. Hands Down!

Xandia do some singles bro in the pulls I did I got hunter, Bruce, Morgan x2, Aron and I got Morgan and Aron on singles

Neither are worth the pull because they are outclassed by 6* Shane who is better than them.

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what is kitten shiva ?

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Ur worst nightmare.

Lydia is the most OP toon in the game.

But if you’re hurting for a great attack toon, Shiva is one of the best

I actually pulled Lydia couple mins ago from a single.
Now I’m probably going for either Shiva or Morgan.