Yo I need some tips on how to get S Class Priya for free

Pls help. I don’t have a credit card. I’m just a kid

Best tip is, join a good faction that help you get good faction rewards


Grind the game

Done that. Any other tips?

Then as @Samuel1 said be active and work all milestones you can


How did you get admin lol


Play the game

U get a chance to chose 30 icecream cones for the s class map without any effort daily. U need 10000 ice cream cones for s class priya so it’s gonna take 10000/30=333 days to get her without effort. She probably wont be available that long tho but other ways to shorten how lobg it takes is by completing atleast 3 arrow missions to get a chance at 1k icecream cones. Battle hard in arenas so u get a shot at choice crates in champions arena. Earn candles from milestone to do the 2nd part of the daily s class roaadmap that gives 130 ice cream cones. Join a good faction so u get a shot at s class crates and do other daily and weekly missions or museum collections that gives out icecream cones.


Get your mum’s credit card

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Remember back in the day they had an answer for stuff like this? I think it was “■■■■■■■”

Grind torches an do the daily road maps

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Really? We can’t say ■■■■■■■

Bruh.(7 chars)

Its just like tsar nd samuel said
Play game consistently
Do that free sclass roadmap daily nd in events try to get torches from milestones
For lvlup save trainers nd a few lvl 1 6* t4 toons plus some lvl1 5*t4 toons nd try to push to get 1st in mayb few lvlups
From territory events, faction events also u will get some if u r in a gud faction
Save cans for survival road tourney nd raid tourney nd push to get first when u have many cans
Also in arenas save ur tickets till it reaches a point where u r confident u can win in an endurance format