Yo! Do something!

Bring back gold bar collections, do a museum gear event, update FA, bring back event that did well like the coin event! Quit putting a stopper on moving forward with this game. Regions are dying, players still disappointed and losing interest.


Working as intended


Gr has disappeared. 4 days without a post, and wishing everywhere about gold bars, faction assault, etc. I’m not on the doomsday train normally, but when the manager can’t be bothered to reply to anything regarding the game’s future, it’s not looking bright.


IKR getting worried about the amount of retirements in my region over the last couple of weeks :pensive:


don’t worry! There will be a new promo released before CRW, thats the only thing the team works on anymore


Oh you didn’t like those great Holliday events they planned for us ?


The sad thing is nobody cares at scopley


The issue is the revolving door. If they give everyone everything they want this means that everyone will have all the s class toons and will have no reason to spend. They will then need to release a new level of toon to keep people purchasing. When games do this to quickly they die quickly. They are slow playing the game on purpose this makes it harder to see everything you buy is worthless. 5* toons everyone spent now they are useless. 6* toons people still spending on the good ones like DR Stevens , those will be useless soon, everyone now spending on S class, but down the road those will be useless also. If they do this revolving door too quickly it will be massive failure to the game. The slow play process at least give you time to use the toons you spend for , this gives them some value. The harder and slower they allow you to get toons the better for the health of the game. Last thing they want to do is make players aware that all the money they are spending is for nothing. I think they are moving to fast now, and the value of spending money is not there. It’s the way the game works and this will not change unless they change the whole structure of the game. That is not likely.

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Not moving fast enough. S CLASS was a massive fail for the playerbase. Players were asking for updates on player level, more buildings in town, better event rewards, and bring back events that worked, instead they cater to events that require $$$ to finish. Why would players stick around and waste time on events they will not benefit from? Bring back things that worked, take away the things that don’t work. This is why the game is dying, not because people are going to quickly. That doesnt make sense


Those events sucked a$$$$copley


The only real money maker they have are toons, the value of the toons is not the toons themselves because in 2-3 years those toons won’t matter at all. They will have z class toons by then ( a new tier.) So the only value they have worth spending cash on is how long these toons stay relevant. You asking them to speed the game up give more items, which will reduce the time a toon stays relevant, this is reducing the only thing that has value on this game, the length a toon stays relevant. Example that you might be able to understand better, Priya people spent cash, now they are giving her away in events with s class items, they do this to get the f2p players caught up in order to keep the whales spening on new toons they release, in order to do this they have to boost new toons ability making them more relevant then Priya (making Priya useless) what your asking is for them to speed this process up reducing the only value they have which is the amount of time a toon stays relevant.


Keep on surviving

Gee thanks! Gosh what would I do without your “top notch” knowledge! Smh
Making the game relevant would encourage players to spend more. Make more opportunities for the players to grow, don’t put a cuckold on advancing in the game.

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They will advance the game it’s a revolving door, they will nerf toons you spent cash on and offer new toons to get you to spend again. That is the main focus of the game. It’s how they make money from nothing.

Their income is rising all what they care about until whales pays they dont care. New s class comes every 2 weeks with wheel they spend 3-500$ to get each end of story why care about gane experience or fix bugs, balance game, fix game economy lol. Just put the same event 10 times each after like survival road events and done. Hordes, onslaught, war can go to bin.

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Dying as intended lol


Because SR and level up, generate cash, refills on SR and trainer packs on level up, so they running it to generate cash. The other events are not generating cash, I won’t go into details because if I did they would read this and change the reason why, that would be horrible and they do have a F2p aspect on these other events. It’s all about the money nothing else

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I do agree with you that they do need to expand on the game play options, very boring lately, but speeding the revolving door up will only kill the game. They need to look at different aspects for this.

More free s class, more free gear, more free coin. This is what you asked for in topic, all these will speed up the revolving door so is highly unlikely to happen as it would reduce the value they have of how long a toon stays relevant. Good topic, just sadly this would undermine the only thing they have generating cash for them.

Any other ideas?

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Guess who doesn’t care ? @GR.Scopely doesn’t cause he doesn’t play this game :joy::joy::joy::joy: