Yo any good regions for U.K players

Yo I wanna know of any good regions for U.K players, ya zimme fam?

No, Scopely screws us on event start times in every region

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Init fam

The typical UK response thinking they are the ones getting screwed.

Ever lived in Asia / Pacific? Think again!

Sorry, didn’t realise we were having a i’m-more-screwed-by-Scopely-than-you competition

Hit up Dekalb bro, quite a few Brits/Americans etc

What you want is a region with a healthy mix, not just UK, for time zone differences in things like war.

Any English region?

Finally an event with great odds that most can compete.
It’s the prizes that stink.


While atm start/finish times in the pacific have been annoying it hasnt always been like this, under the old system for war when we had 3 day wars start times were awesome.

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