YL maps Epic gear

Are these repeatable for the same gear has anyone tried ?

You cannot farm gear from Act 1, 2 or 3.
I don’t know about the epic gear map.
Haven’t did it.

Only thing that drops is the banana splits and FA tickets until you hit your daily cap on those.

wow, if not farmable, they’ve really no use… considering all the effort you’ve to put in place for a single run.

The yellow epic timer is 15 minutes
Have to use all blue, red, green, or yellow team
It’s not very easy, hard enough to complete in 15 minutes let alone farm

Why bother … Am I right?


Your are correct sir
But if you do open it
Have all four teams selected and ready with mods, leads, battle items, etc.
I waisted a few of those 15 minutes selecting teams

Oh and have your faction put up toons relative to this roadmap

naah, wont even tough it, im not being pushed to complete something in 15 minutes or use up more items to restart the 15 minute timer.

If scopely wants to Milk the gears still to this day almost 2 years later let them, when they see a large population of their game drop off from activity i guess the last 15% can finally get a farmable weekly epic gear roadmap lol


Same I barely completed it as I needed set teams, just wondered if you can farm the stages ?

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