YL Epic Roadmap

I have enough yellow leaves to run the 15 minute roadmap once. I want to make sure I know what to expect.

I’ve 4 teams already with good battle items and weapons set up but I still have a few questions.

Must you start with the fast grouping and them progress to alert in order? Or can you pick which one you enter?

How difficult are the fights? I have strong green and blue teams. But my red and yellow are lacking. Will I be able to finish them with S9 teams?

Thanks in advance

I haven’t got 1 piece of gear from this “event”

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I agree the event is not good. But not getting anything at all seems like you didnt put in any effort.

If I can grab a couple watches and radios for free through strategy I’ll take it.

I’ve not got anything either. Loads of orange and green maple leaves but still no green leaves. No clue how to get them either.

The 4 maps you can unlock with 40 yellow leaves (legendary) have yellow, green, red and blue labels. You can only bring that color toon to beat the roadmap, so make sure you have the 4 teams of colors ready first. It’s all just 1 wave of humans. Colors can vary between the different stages in roadmaps.

The first 2 stages are normal. You can use items to quickly kill and move on. The 3rd is nightmare, you can’t use items. But they aren’t that hard tbh.

I’ve run all 4 colors within 1 unlock today (15 min) , so 40 yellow leaves and 24k orange gave me 2 GPS and 2 canteens. And enough banana split to get more tokens for more orange leaves for tomorrow.

These are the teams I used.

Good luck

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Thanks for actual helpful info. Hopefully I can get through it.

I’d run legendary and do your best colors.

You open your wallet, hit buy and get green leaves that way. No f2p that i can see. And if there has been a fate already, I missed it.

It was 3 bucks and I know people have hated this event but I kind of like the 15 minute challenge. Getting 120k league tokens a run is no joke.

I’ve gotten all of mine for free. You do enough daily missions to open 6 harvest tokens and you get 100 green maple leaves free every day.

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Green leaves != green maple leaves

I didnt even realize Legandary was a choice until just now.
What is the difference? It wont let me preview it yet.

It is 40 yl to enter and 2000 ol per stage. You get like double holsters first two stages and gps/canteen for third. Rest is same pretty much all 4 colors and 15 minute time limit.

Ahh ok. Well I only have 11 YL so I’ll stick with Epic. Good to hear they are giving 15k coins for each left over yellow leaf…

I would buy but not had an offer for them. Tried clearing cache etc. but still no offer. I guess they don’t want my money.

Thanks again for the advice. I was able to finish 3 out of 4 colors. Had to revive my teams twice. But figured 75 coins was worth the gear.

You’re welcome. I just now realised I was talking about legendary map instead of epic but I think the advice still applies.

I got the green leaves through the €3,29 offer by the way. Got 400 green leaves that way. It was an offer scopely said was wrong later but it helped my get a lot of yellow leaves to open the maps.

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