Yin yang? Hens teeth

Was there only a limited number of crates created scopes at the start of this mediocre event? I only ask as the number of token crates dropping from raids seems to be drying up faster than the contents of my bucket.

I sense you are deliberately watering down the odds of them dropping from raids dependent on the bucket a player is in


Of course.

They start off with every second raid and everyone bitches about having too many Yin, so they come up with grab boxes in the museum and everyone says yay!

Cashes them in.

Now they keep the bead territory’s locked and limit crate drops for yin in raids and come up with a new collection that includes a Beacon.

One of these days I’ll wise up to the Scopely deluge and deplete methodology, I wish I would have saved all those Yin to trade in for the beacon boxes.

I’ll have the 50 pull beacon but may miss the 700 stash pull beacon.

It’s my fault, should never trusted Scopely to keep the flow of collectibles going.

Silly me assumed the crates would drop all the time and the bead territories would be more frequently unlocked.

Instead I’m scrambling to try to get the last beacon I’ll need to even open the map.

My bad.


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