Ygl- you got lucky

Let the “you got lucky” always pop back up when it’s done so we can just coin it back please level up is hard with out it


BaM “Bricks and Mortar” as well - some in my faction go over a week without seeing either. This will generate revenue.

Train ~700 recruits of the same type and you can level up a t1 lvl 1 5* to lvl 80.

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Oh, only 700… lol

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Wisely not mentioning the food needed.

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It’s 753 and 20,941,200 food. Do it.

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Dang! Now I‘m 53 survivors short. lol

Not to mention all the shirts/gloves needed.

Wish these could be crafted in the workshop and/or purchased at a reasonable fee from the gear depot.

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Crafting for wood. Nice idea.