YGL still missing

This i find is a growing trend my YGL has now not shown up for over a week how are we supposed to be able to compete in all these level ups without i am one of these people that never knew you could cheat the system a while ago ( Yes i know theres been a update) but i still find i am being punished for maxing my town every other game i play the goal is to have max everything to grow as a player and get better yet RTS you basically have to do sod all and get rewarded it wouldn’t be so bad if i could see YGL in the list @kalishane i know you wont bother as its another growing trend to be ignored (remember the time we always would hear from her no matter what ) can we please get all missions being shown at least that way players know where they stand in events as yet another level up where i am having to just make do with 2* toons

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All my town is maxed and I get it quite bit…

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I have 2 accounts one gets it very regularly the other rarely ever gets it. Guess it’s just more “rng”…

Haven’t had one myself in a week. Lame.

It randomly appeared available today out of nowhere.