Ygl still a BIG problem


I feel like this has gotten swept under the rug. While there was an update to help those of us who did all twenty gold missions, the fact of the matter is the players who have only completed level 10 gold missions still get a MASSIVE advantage in level ups. I’ve seen it first hand. The level 10 gold missions pops up over and over and over. I have an account that’s only that high (second noon account). It pops up in cooldown about 50 percent of the time. On my main account, where I completed all 20, no chance it ever comes straight into cool down.

It’s a pretty big deal when there’s multiple level ups. The solution is to force players incrementally to finish the gold missions. Right now it’s level ten, great… in two weeks it should be raised to level 12 and so on. It’s such a huge advantage. Especially when solo events have the best rewards.


I have completed level 19 and have zero issues.

Mine doesn’t seem to work.Also finished all the missions but it shows all the time in the region I never play in lol

You do know the frequency of running a mission affects the likelihood of it showing up again right?

In all likelihood you running through and cancelling is messing the priority order and then filling you with crap cool down from missions you keep frequently cancelling…

… just saying…

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It shows a lot more for my younger account too.

Older one it’s much rarer.

Doesn’t solve the problem I wrote above. Those who only completed level 10 have less missions to run through as opposed to those who completed all 20 gold missions. Like I said, I have two accounts. The difference is substantial.

I think ygl gets burnt out if u use it too often… i nvr have an issue bringin it back and i have not done all the gold missions as far as i know… many but not all… i just abort missions til it shows up. If u get to a point when all ur missions are aborted and it still doesnt show i have to wait for a few to come back and abort em… btw i nvr use ygl unless there is a lvl up event on… i will let it sit if no event on horizon and fade out … it will come back. Stop wearing it out when theres no event. (Most ppl i know who experience ygl not coming back use ygl at every given chance they can event or not)

I only get YGL about once every 3-4 days. Usually I see a screen where I have to wait 15 hours for anything to come up and after coining everything reasonable (under 200 coins) it still does nothing. How hard is it just to always have it on cooldown? Can your saavy crackpot of coders handle that? How hard is it to make your customers happy? You usually intend on making us so mad we quit. So far in the last 6 weeks I personally know 3 prestige 12s and 5-6 prestige 11s who have quit. I guarantee than is at least a few thousand a year. That is just my region. This is from all of your nonsense and how you rip us off and don’t give us what we need to keep building. I guarantee with what I have heard through CRW you are losing major spenders all acrossed the board. @kalishane, how long do you think your job is safe at this rate? My faction is almost strictly f2p after we were the biggest spenders in our region. Things like YGL issue, lack of legendary medals, not releasing more legacy ascendables, etc is why your game is going to crap. I implore you @kalishane to come up with a way your customer base can be heard and more importantly listened to. We need a voice or we will just stop playing and spending. Bottom line.