YGL not showing up for 5 days

Since the level up update,I haven’t got the ygl scav mission!! anyone got that???

I’ve gone weeks in the past as have others w/o YGL. Why do you think so many complain about it?

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they should put a break in it max 2 days. S class characters can’t be level up fast without YGL…
So sick of it !!!

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They can be levelled, but of course much slower… I had YGL disappearing on me for weeks. After update, I got it three times (twice in a row, third only after two other short missions done), now it disappeared for a 4th day… wondering when it would come back again :confused:

Mine pops up every 2 weeks or so

Starting and aborting multiple missions usually helps with bringing YGL back to the missions list.

Never helped me though… it’s a typical RNG problem - if you’re doomed for an YGL drought, you will not get it shown up. If you have a favorable bucket, it will appear after the next mission is finished or aborted…

I only wish I have never done the gold missions past 10 - I could have run back to back YGLs all the time

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Y’all just should had stop doing the next scav missions after you got lucky : ( i doubt it’ll be ever fixed just like the territories

Great advice on something I did 16 months ago, before I even knew some forums existed… :smiley:

Still, one can dream that they heed the advice and introduce some fixes (like cooldown on mission pool max24h, so cycle aborting missions don’t get you stuck with an empty queue for 3 days, or a new building type that would run prestige missions only)

Well, it’s not that I didn’t do those missions because i saw it in here though, y’know

I really really do hope they do fix that glitch though

My fav for YGL showing up is with 7 to 8 hrs left for LU, so the only way it us usable for that one is coining. Lol

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Yeah and it ■■■■■■■ sucks! It does this shit all the time to me. On Wednesday it’ll be 3 weeks it’s been gone. Before that it showed up once and after I ran it disappeared for 4 weeks.
It’s worse for the 60k XP Bricks & Mortar, I haven’t had it pop up in 2 months and I run missions everyday.

I’m getting sick and tired of this, it makes trying to get any of the much needed gear extremely difficult at best.


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