Ygl missions not coming up


Is anyone else having problems getting ygl missions? I have talked with a few people and they are having the same problem as me. The mission is not coming up for days while other are leveling up 3 or 4 times with that mission to your 1. I contacted customer service and they told me nothing is wrong and I’m mistaken . I k ow like 4 other people in my faction this is happening too so it’s not just me like scooply is trying to tell me


Start some random scav missions and abort them. It should refresh the cooldown for ygl or even let you run one immediately. It can take a while so just keep trying that.


No it’s not that either. It’s not coming up. If I abort them my missions go into cool down and I can’t do any for like a day.


this works but not for all the players


Scooply is claiming no issue but clearly it is


this has been going on for 2 years now dont expect anything to change


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I’m having the same issue. Up until about three months ago I had a steady stream of xp scav missions. Then something happened and I didn’t get one for eight days. It’s continued like that up until now, I’m lucky (no pun intended) if I get a YGL every two level ups. I start and abort missions and sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t and I’m left waiting a day or so for any mission to come available. Meanwhile faction teammates forge ahead with xp mission after xp mission.


You said it perfectly.


I have found that if the aborting missions dont work, if I complete the 2 prestige 2 hour missions it will frequently kick YGL back into the Que. U do have to complete them, not abort. Does not always work, but it helps me get YGL back a couple of times thru the lvl up event


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i just dont do other scav missions except for the 2 supply missions that gives you items to make missions more succesful and the 2 hour prestige mission, the rest i just abort. That will most like make your YGL pop up even if you dont see it in the cooldown list. Just remember the time you finished your last YGL and time it for the 12hr cooldown


I always abort those missions and I never have a problem with YGL. Bricks and mortar (I think) is the only mission you don’t want to skip.


Sometimes if u have abused the ygl you have to wait for one of the other ones to cool down b4 it comes back… especially if the only ones u can cancel are ones that keep returning after u cancel them… I only use ygl during events so I dont overuse it… this issue has happened to me too … like I said u have to wait for one of the other abortable missions to cool down and ygl will return.


Welcome to the club. Go almost an entire month without one and then get back to me.


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