YGL mission still MIA?


Fixed. We hit a bump in the road when QA was going through it but it should be out this week!


This is good news, I was able to finish top 100 without it so it’s all good IMO

Really hope to see it soon though lol. :wink:


I aimed for 500-800 place just for the chance of a beanie. Did a little preparing for fac.LU and was in the 200s immediately. Just stopped there, went luckily to 550+ and collected my 24th Flak. :+1:


Can u explain how it should works now? Appear every x hours? Or something else?


Just curious what fixed means. I’ve completed or aborted all missions for almost a week and still no ygl mission. My scav mission list is totally empty of missions I can run most of the time, waiting for missions to refresh.


Change hasn’t gone in yet! Waiting for it to be sent out. Hit a snag when going through QA

You got lucky scav
You got lucky changes?
Brick and Mortar

Ok, thanks for the speedy reply


Thanks for keeping us updated on this Kali :slight_smile:


Same, Mine usually ahows after fight, well well well, or new moon fever. Never after abandoning either, i actually gotta wait it out.


Bump any new info on this pls?


New info: you got unlucky!

That’s support’s typical response anyway. :wink:


Wouldn’t surprise me if - what they call we have fixed it - they have just renamed to scav mission to You Got Unlucky but left mechanics the same :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Curious if there is any update.


They will update the update when there is an update :wink:


It got fixed, they now know a way to make more money on level ups. To many complained about how good it was, so like any other thing that was good is now monetized.
So if you want something changed so posts about it being awesome.


Any idea what’s been happening with this? I haven’t seen the damn thing in 2 weeks. I feel like they “fixed” it by removing it.


There still working on it.

There were problems.


any ETA on this?

we are having a streak of level ups meanwhile which is frustrating for many people.


When is it to be pushed live?


Not likely since they ran into prewar 'visual glitch that will delay things.

The original statement suggested next war, but then that got re-stated as war after next patch. So I’m betting on slim to none on seeing anything this week or next week.