YGL mission still MIA?

I thought the latest update was suppose to “fix” this issue? How is one suppose to get to 2 million when your waiting hours on end for the mission to reappear?


Hours, try days or weeks waiting for it to show


Mines still showing up, completed all the scavenger missions and it comes back every couple days. Hopefully it gets fixed for you.

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Third week of waiting… got every other prestige mission between 5-12 times. Coined any that weren’t too pricy…still nothing. Of course they may have fixed it by removing it all together.

Still not showing here after the update

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This was supposed to have gotten fixed? Could have fooled me. Looking at my completed history, last completion was 5 days ago and still haven’t seen it again yet.

It shows up after done some green mission, usual “Fight” or the quicker missions.

All of my scav missions are on cool down, YGL is nowhere to be seen… ffs.

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22 days and waiting…

I have my toons sitting in one right now. It comes up every once in awhile as well.

Three weeks and no YGL for me either.

I have no Scav Missions available for at least 12 hours, so I can’t even abort anything :joy::joy:

I’m in a holding pattern as well… anywhere from 14 hours to 17 days, seems legit.

Having a lucky streak! Got YGL daily for the last 5 days…

I was told sth would be done about YGL.
Now a new update kicks in and I haven’t figured out what changed.
Mind explaining what has done about YGL, or is it not done yet?

Edited: for reference, here is what shane said in the old forum on Oct 14:
“Change is coming next week with the update! (I haven’t posted the notes yet because we have a bit more to add officially.)”

And I don’t mean anything personal. I am just curious, since I’ve put so much hope on this YGL update.



26 days without a YGL mission, while others get them every few days. I have contacted customer service several times with no help from them. They just say that it is working as intended. 26 days!!! This is very unfair, and I hope you could address this.

Thank you in advance!

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It works for me but I have done the gold missions.

I’m down to waiting for 10 hours before any mission is unlocked… :-/

@kalishane @Dash @CombatDevIl would u pls comment on whether YGL scav mission issue is indeed fixed and if so, what exactly has been fixed. Thx!


Well they said that they fix the issue that some people can coin it up after they finished it. Don’t be fooled that any fix would help you in any way to level your toons.

Seriously if they helped you to level your pathetic 5s what incentive do you have to pull for an already ascended 6?