YGL Missing-Have never done gold missions


WTF? I’ve never did any gold scavenger missions and now my YGL’s are missing from my scavenger camps in two different regions :rage::rage::rage:


they removed it XD
man u going need pay 99.99 to gods to get it back.



Lol okay…


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Lol okay…


I mean… wasn’t that the point of the update?


no…Lol ha :pancakes:


Actually it is… I don’t really know why understanding words is so hard…


Carry on…


sureeee its removed Lol wait a few days. this is on my very first reason


Only way to get it back is to do a certain amount of gold missions, if not, all of them. I’ve never done any gold missions either so this really sucks. It’ll be about 2 weeks before i can get to use it again. :frowning: A pretty crappy change imo.


the change is live? and they put a 2 week cooldown on it?


Do the damn gold missions already you lazy fuckers! :rofl:

YGL popped immediately this morning for me. With any luck I’ll get it again before the weekend is out.


Kind of the point, Frank…
We were always told never to do the gold missions so that YGL could always be available. Now we have to do them now for it to happen once every 2 weeks? Not really the answer to the YGL issue IMO


I must have missed that memo. I’ve just always done the missions available just to keep them coming through.



Thanks for that Scopely, you did one thing right!

I’ve done all the gold missions months ago and I see a lot of people that didn’t, leveling all their 5* with YGL’s mission and I used to get it only once in a blue moon.


Is there a clarification post somewhere that explains how it all works now? Had a fresh 6* and 5* ready to go on YGL for the tourney. Disappointing change.


They mentioned in in-game and on the forums.


Pretty shitty for new players to the game though. Even harder for them to get up to speed