Ygl gone awol. Get it sorted please

It’s been 2 weeks now and ygl still hasn’t come back for my scavenger missions. Anyone else having the same problem or does it just coincidence with lots of trainers being on sale???

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No this is typical & unfixable. Just keep aborting missions except the ones marked prestige.


I’ve tried aborting missions but still doesn’t work, don’t even get missions for cans anymore:(

Maybe try running a mission vs aborting?

they havnt addressed this issue since the release… using lame ass excuses every single time… not enough space, they cant change the coding, etc etc…

billion dollar company that cant fix a ygl… I need to get a job at scopely and do nothing to get paid.


Scavs comes in order
And if you been a fool and made the scav camps lvl 20
You need to do the 7day scav goldmission before ygl can show
And becopuse that take time it also have 7day cooldown that locks your ygl until you opened and aborted that one.


Mine use to show up regularly but not anymore as if maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago

Glad I never ruined my Scav camps and unlocked all the gold missions


Same never even got that dodgy 60k scav, cause i only did enough gold mission to unlock ygl and it never disappears on me fr

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this is a common complaint.Read.

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For some reason i am really lucky And get ygl every day but most people on my clan dont get the same fate…

Another thing broken in this broken game? No way.

I don’t believe it.

If theres an exploit which is beneficial for players, scopely can plug it in an instant ( or blatantly lie that a coin conversion was a unintended fault), but when its a “bug” in their advantage, poor scopely knows nothing about coding and nothing can be done.

i dont think its a foolish thing to make your scav camp lev 20…how would ppl know having lev 20 scav camp would make ygl come out less? if you are starting the game new and read the forums, perhaps… but as a player who started the game from launch would not have that knowledge…

This issue has been ongoing for very very long time and scopely has aknowledged the issue and attempted to fix it. which they failed and blamed it on difficulty of coding.

I am not talking about just the ygl. its the game as a whole. There are crap load of bugs in this game that shouldnt exist in a billion dollar company. Museum is yet another example… Scopely said they cant add extra collections due to limitation of space in the codes.

They use all the asinine excuses imaginable and thinks that the playerbase are stupid and gullible.

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This game always punish whio that play active…
Like the YGL, i as you dont think it is foolish tomlvl up your camp and should be the goal.
But the gameplay punish you if you do.

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Scopely doesn’t code this game …

Well maybe scopely doesnt earn enough from us to hire a decent coding team.

I only ever run YGL and 2 other missions. The most YGL is gone is 12 hours :man_shrugging:

What is having level 20 scav camps meant to do? Mine are maxed and Ygl still pops up no problems.

They you havnt done the 7day mission